Property Management in Boulder that Brings Owners Results

Whether you own a single property or an entire apartment building, you need property management that’s reliable and attentive to all the details that come with renting out a property. At Pennant Investment Company, we lead the local real estate market in the successful management of income-producing property. We’d love to work with you on meeting your goals.

Managing Day-to-Day Details Without Losing Sight of the Big Picture

Leasing Boulder Rental Properties: Marketing and Screening

The leasing process at Pennant Investment Company is designed to work quickly and effectively. We know you don’t want to lose valuable time trying to fill vacancies.

We’ll ensure the property is in its best possible condition to attract great tenants and high rents. Then, we’ll take professional photos, write up descriptions, and advertise your rental property across a wide spectrum of rental sites and social media. We’ll also use signs and professional networking to generate interest in your property.

Count on us to manage showings, respond to questions, and follow up with prospective tenants who see your unit. Then, we’ll walk those prospects through the application process and screen their backgrounds rigorously to ensure you’re getting the best possible resident in your rental.

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Boulder HOA Services & Financial Management

From ensuring your rent is paid on time to keeping up with the bills associated with your rental property, your management team at Pennant Investment Company will keep your finances accurate, transparent, and easy to access.

Your monthly statements will clearly show the amount of money you earned on your investments and the amount that was spent. You’ll also receive annual statements for tax purposes.

If you’re running an HOA, we can work with you to streamline the flow of communication, make budget projections, and keep your financial house in order.

We work with communities in Boulder, including Downtown, Whittier, Noble Park, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Rental Maintenance and Property Management in Boulder, CO

Our management services are designed to take care of each part of the investment process. The real estate side can help you find new properties to buy, and we’ll follow the entire investment cycle through the leasing process and ongoing management of your property.

Maintenance is addressed immediately and affordably. We work with vendors and contractors who are committed to providing us with high quality repair work for competitive rates. We are available for emergency maintenance 24 hours a day, we handle routine maintenance swiftly, and we make recommendations about some preventative measures we can take to ensure the condition of your investment is protected.

Managing homes all over Boulder, covering zip codes 80305, 80303, 80301, 80503, 80501, 80504, 80026, 80027, 80020

How Much Can My Property Rent For?

Pricing your Boulder rental property is an important part of renting it out quickly to a highly qualified tenant. If you’re not sure how the market works, and you don’t know what the right price range might be, we’re here to help.

We live and work in the Boulder rental market, and we spend time reviewing real estate data every day. We understand what properties like yours are valued at, and we know how to find a comfortable price that’s competitive and offers you the potential to earn as much as possible. Contact us for a rental analysis today.

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Reach Out For A Pricing Quote

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Working with Pennant Investment Company

When you’re ready to talk about your property management needs, we’ll discuss the way we do business. Our management plans are comprehensive and designed to meet your needs, no matter how unique or complex they may be. Talk to us about your rental units and your budget. We’ll show you what we can do and what you’ll receive when you work with us.

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What People Are Saying About Us

Sep 24, 2023
- Daniel - Pennant Investment Company
Prompt responses and assistance given by Brenda and her staff. I appreciate it.
Sep 20, 2023
- Lauren - Pennant Investment Company
I really appreciate how helpful he was and how quickly he was able to get things working again. Great job!
Sep 19, 2023
Google - Ershad - Pennant Investment Company
This is a good place to live in. Everything is very well-organized and clean. There is no disturbances and there are many open spaces. Only issue is with my refrigerator. Its light does not functions and creates loud sound while loading power. And the garbage crusher at the kitchen is also not working. I request you to fix these two minor issues. Other than that I am living here with full satisfaction
Sep 19, 2023
Google - Wm - Pennant Investment Company
Pennant manages my rental property in the Boulder, CO. area. They have kept my property in great shape and fully rented over several years. I appreciate their ability to manage rental properties. Bill Phillips Brenda and her team at Pennant have done a great job managing my rental property in Boulder. Thanks Brenda Bill Phillips
Jul 25, 2023
- Sasha - Pennant Investment Company
As a homeowner haven't rented in a decade, moving to Colorado last year Pennant (Hannah), made the transition to renting very streamlined. We we are currently still renting a home through Pennant, the home is naturally a bit older so there are repairs that happen often. I am so stunned how fast Pennant responds and get those repairs done with out any issues. You always hear horror stories about leasing offices but from my experience as a current renter Pennant changes that mold. They are great to work with and have made being a renter stress free!

Want to Learn More?

If you’d like to learn more about our properties and what it’s like to work with Pennant Investment Company, get in touch. We’d be happy to talk more about our rental properties, our application requirements, and our leasing process.  

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