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Pennant Investment Company specializes in delivering top-notch property management services to homeowners, investors, tenants, and HOAs with constant effort, sincerity, and commitment.

From periodic rental assessments, property listings, and property showings to comprehensive tenant screening, property maintenance, and legal compliance, we handle everything! Connect with us and forget the stress of managing your property in Boulder!

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Routine Property Inspections

Pennant Investment Property understands that regular property inspections are the source of a pleasant and satisfying rental experience. We schedule regular property inspections and walk-throughs quarterly and at biannual intervals to check the condition of your property.

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We hire professional inspectors to conduct regular assessments of your property, spot significant damages, keep a good record of structural problems, document them, and prevent the issues from escalating.

We also provide our clients with an extensive inspection report and make necessary suggestions for improvement, boosting the value of your property in the Boulder rental market.

Proactive Preventative Maintenance

We perform preventative maintenance to find any major damages and repair needs and fix them right away. We check all the HVAC systems, home appliances, and clean air filters on a regular basis.

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There are times, nonetheless, when rental properties need to undergo major alterations. We understand the inconvenience these updates may cause to your tenants and provide proactive property maintenance services to maintain habitability.

Our team is accessible 24/7 to promptly respond to your tenants’ emergency repair complaints like gas leaks, fires, and roof leakage.

Careful Tenant Management

We offer comprehensive tenant management services, including tenant screening, rent collection, handling of repair complaints, and evictions.

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We conduct a thorough tenant screening to check the background, credit score, identity, and employment of an applicant before leasing a property.

Our professionals follow state, federal, and fair housing laws while finding and placing the right tenants in your property. If renters violate a lease agreement clause, we help our owners through evictions and legal procedures.


Long-Time Vendor Relationships

We have established a strong network with local contractors and vendors that allows us to ensure quality work at reasonable prices.

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We make every effort to maintain the value of your property and ensure a high profit on your investments. Our highly professional and experienced vendors and contractors take care of every item on your property.

We only recommend and employ a team of well-trained vendors who offer quality work and charge appropriately to fit your maintenance budget. Our contractors are always there to address your tenants’ emergency repair requests.

Free Rental Analysis

Connect with us to get a free rental analysis for your Boulder property. We conduct comprehensive market research to understand current market trends, rental prices, and tenants’ rental expectations before determining the value of your rental property.

Our property managers in Boulder consider several aspects, such as location, amenities, proximity to local transport, and competition before deciding the value of your property that will attract high-quality tenants.

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Calls are responded to in a fast time frame. All deposits are paid fast and financial reports are complete with all invoices attached.


Why Choose Us for Boulder Property Management

Established in 1981, Pennant Investment Company has been delivering impeccable property management services throughout Boulder County. Entrust us with your rental management needs and expect outstanding results on your investments.


Extraordinary Property Management

With over 30 years of experience and knowledge of the Boulder real estate market, we manage single-family homes, multifamily properties, condos, and multiplexes and ensure hassle-free property management in Boulder County and surrounding areas. You can count on us to manage your rental properties, boost ROI on your investments and grow your real estate portfolio.

Technology-Based Communication

The only part of traditional property management we follow is true customer service. We’ve updated every other aspect. Our services are designed especially to fulfill all the real estate needs of our savvy investors. We use our advanced online portals to communicate with our clients and tenants and provide 24/7 access to them to track their property-related information. With our online portals, real estate apps, and software, you can keep an eye on your investment from anywhere and at any time.

As a property owner, they’re a solid company, and easily a 5 star rating. We’ve used PIC for 12+ years. They vet all the tenants, keep our property in good rentable shape, consult on major improvements or repairs, have relationships with contractors that get the job done well, yet keep expenses low and KEEP OUR PROPERTY RENTED. Over the past 30 years of owning rental property, my husband and I have had other property managers, and PIC is head and shoulders above the rest. Your investment is in good hands with them.

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What People Are Saying About Us

Sep 24, 2023
- Daniel - Pennant Investment Company
Prompt responses and assistance given by Brenda and her staff. I appreciate it.
Sep 20, 2023
- Lauren - Pennant Investment Company
I really appreciate how helpful he was and how quickly he was able to get things working again. Great job!
Sep 19, 2023
Google - Wm - Pennant Investment Company
Pennant manages my rental property in the Boulder, CO. area. They have kept my property in great shape and fully rented over several years. I appreciate their ability to manage rental properties. Bill Phillips Brenda and her team at Pennant have done a great job managing my rental property in Boulder. Thanks Brenda Bill Phillips
Sep 19, 2023
Google - Ershad - Pennant Investment Company
This is a good place to live in. Everything is very well-organized and clean. There is no disturbances and there are many open spaces. Only issue is with my refrigerator. Its light does not functions and creates loud sound while loading power. And the garbage crusher at the kitchen is also not working. I request you to fix these two minor issues. Other than that I am living here with full satisfaction
Jul 25, 2023
- Sasha - Pennant Investment Company
As a homeowner haven't rented in a decade, moving to Colorado last year Pennant (Hannah), made the transition to renting very streamlined. We we are currently still renting a home through Pennant, the home is naturally a bit older so there are repairs that happen often. I am so stunned how fast Pennant responds and get those repairs done with out any issues. You always hear horror stories about leasing offices but from my experience as a current renter Pennant changes that mold. They are great to work with and have made being a renter stress free!

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