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Transparent Financial Management Services for Your Rental Property In Boulder, CO

Profit from Effective Accounting of Your Boulder Real Estate Investments’ Finances

In-Depth Financial Management Services

We are organized and accurate when it comes to reporting financial expenses and total profits of your Boulder investments. We offer detailed financial reports and statements, including monthly rent collection, delayed or pending rent, repair costs, and tax deductions.

With our advanced accounting tools and online owner portals, you are just one click away from easily checking on the financial health of your investment.

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Accounting Services for All Property Types

Whether you are a new investor with a single-family home or an experienced owner with multiple rental properties, we can efficiently handle accounts for all your rentals.

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Our in-house team uses advanced owner portals to oversee your monthly expenses and income and maintains a clear financial report for all your properties’ accounts separately.

We save all your financial transactions and reports in an organized manner and ensure detailed and accurate financial reporting.

Regular Monthly Financial Statements

Is it challenging to write down all of your financial expenses on paper and do calculations manually using a traditional form of accounting? Well, not anymore!

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With our secure online portals and detailed financial reporting tools, you can have all of your investment’s financial information at your fingertips.

Our professional Boulder property managers provide 24/7 access to these online portals where you can check your monthly rent payments, delayed rent, late fees, and monthly expenses anytime and from anywhere.


Annual Tax Reports Preparation

We at Pennant Investment Property prepare and send (1099) tax forms and statements to our clients with year-end reports.

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We educate our homeowners about tax deductibles like travel expenses, insurance premiums, mortgage, professional services and property depreciation to assist them with annual tax reporting.

We also help our clients file their taxes, depending on the specifics of how they rent out their properties. In the case where you have multiple rental properties, we help you list income and expenses separately on income tax forms.

Financial Reports Education

Are you new to accessing financial reports and statements and setting your annual budget? Don’t worry! We are here to help!

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Our Boulder property management professionals ensure that our clients have complete clarity about monthly expenses, income, tax deductions and yearly financial reporting.

We help you understand your financial reports and statements, including repair bills and receipts. Our property managers also help you review your portfolio’s financial performance to help boost its future profitability.

Take Advantage of Professional Financial Management Services for Your Rental Properties

We have been delivering top financial and accounting services in Boulder and Broomfield Counties, including Longmont, Niwot, Firestone and surrounding areas since 1981.

Partner with Pennant Investment Company to get 100% accurate and transparent financial statements. We have progressive and digital accounting systems that deliver peace of mind.

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Calls are responded to in a fast time frame. All deposits are paid fast and financial reports are complete with all invoices attached.


Professionally Managing Finances For Boulder Homeowners Associations (HOA)

Assessment And Timely Collections

We streamline the payment collection process and make it easy to track the status of their account through our online portal for homeowners. Our property managers in Boulder regularly check vendors’ invoices, payable accounts, received accounts, balance sheets, fines, and collections to make homeowners aware of the total financial transactions. Our team makes timely collections to reduce delinquencies and improve cash flow.

Transparent Budget Planning

Our team efficiently helps our homeowners plan their yearly budget. We regularly communicate with homeowners and HOA members and constantly monitor yearly expenses, reserve funds, repair costs and more to provide a perfect budget plan. With us, you can never fail in preparing a perfect budget plan. Our step-by-step budget planning process focuses on accuracy and clarity.

As a property owner, they’re a solid company, and easily a 5 star rating. We’ve used PIC for 12+ years. They vet all the tenants, keep our property in good rentable shape, consult on major improvements or repairs, have relationships with contractors that get the job done well, yet keep expenses low and KEEP OUR PROPERTY RENTED. Over the past 30 years of owning rental property, my husband and I have had other property managers, and PIC is head and shoulders above the rest. Your investment is in good hands with them.

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What People Are Saying About Us

Sep 24, 2023
- Daniel - Pennant Investment Company
Prompt responses and assistance given by Brenda and her staff. I appreciate it.
Sep 20, 2023
- Lauren - Pennant Investment Company
I really appreciate how helpful he was and how quickly he was able to get things working again. Great job!
Sep 19, 2023
Google - Ershad - Pennant Investment Company
This is a good place to live in. Everything is very well-organized and clean. There is no disturbances and there are many open spaces. Only issue is with my refrigerator. Its light does not functions and creates loud sound while loading power. And the garbage crusher at the kitchen is also not working. I request you to fix these two minor issues. Other than that I am living here with full satisfaction
Sep 19, 2023
Google - Wm - Pennant Investment Company
Pennant manages my rental property in the Boulder, CO. area. They have kept my property in great shape and fully rented over several years. I appreciate their ability to manage rental properties. Bill Phillips Brenda and her team at Pennant have done a great job managing my rental property in Boulder. Thanks Brenda Bill Phillips
Jul 25, 2023
- Sasha - Pennant Investment Company
As a homeowner haven't rented in a decade, moving to Colorado last year Pennant (Hannah), made the transition to renting very streamlined. We we are currently still renting a home through Pennant, the home is naturally a bit older so there are repairs that happen often. I am so stunned how fast Pennant responds and get those repairs done with out any issues. You always hear horror stories about leasing offices but from my experience as a current renter Pennant changes that mold. They are great to work with and have made being a renter stress free!

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